Complete the form below for airplane charters between Marathon Intl. Airport and the Florida Mainland, the Bahamas, Grand Cayman and Cuba.  We will contact you for confirmation and payment.

TAB Assoc. 135 operator.


Flying TO or FROM Marathon and Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) or Miami (MIA) enjoy PER passenger pricing. Plane may be shared with others. $920 for a private charter.  

1 passenger $520 one way

2 passengers $320 each one way

3 passengers $220 each one way

4 passengers $220 each one way

5 passengers $220 each one way

6 passengers $240 each one way

7 passengers $240 each one way

8 passengers $220 each one way

Connections: Allow one hour between arrival into FLL/MIA and departure to Marathon.  Departure from Marathon allow two and one half hours between Marathon departure and FLL/MIA departure.


Flying TO or FROM Marathon and the airports below pricing is for the whole plane - 5 seats - limit of 900 lbs passengers and bags. International destinations do not include US or foreign customs and fees. Larger groups please call 305-393-3646. 

Boca Raton (BCT) $1000 one way

Daytona Beach (DAB) $2300 one way

Ft. Myers Page (FMY) $1000 one way

Gainesville (GNV) $2550 one way

Jacksonville (CRG) $2900 one way

Marco Island (MKY) $650 one way

Melbourne (MLB) $1700 one way

Naples (APF) $750 one way

Orlando Kissimmee (ISM) $1800 one way

Ocala (OCF) $2300 one way

Punta Gorda (PGD) $1200 one way

Sarasota (SRQ) $1475 one way

St. Petersburg (PIE) $1700 one way

Tampa Exec (VDF) $1700 one way

Vero Beach (VRB) $1475 one way

West Palm Beach (PBI) $1200 one way


Bahamas, Bimini (MYBS) $900 one way

Bahamas, Chub Cay (MYBC) $1500 one way

Bahamas, North Eleuthera (MYEH) $1800 one way

Bahamas, Freeport (MYGF) $1400 one way

Bahamas, Governor's Harbour (MYEM) $1800 one way

Bahamas, Great Exuma (MYEF) $2300 one way

Bahamas, Marsh Harbour (MYAM) $1900 one way

Bahamas, Nassau (MYNN) $1600 one way

Bahamas, Staniel Cay (MYES) $2200 one way

Bahamas, Treasure Cay (MYAT) $1900 one way

Grand Cayman (MYCR) $2800 one way​

Cuba, Havana (MUHA) $3400 round trip (fees included)

CLICK HERE for Cuban tour information.​

Call 305-393-3646  


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Fly TO or FROM Marathon International Airport in the beautiful Florida Keys!

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Prices subject to change. Credit card will be charged >4 days prior to departure.  Cancellation within 4 days of departure will result in a $350 cancellation fee plus expenses incurred.  International air charters do not include US and foreign customs and fees. Grand Cayman does not include Cuban flyover fees.